Stages Dash – fästen L10/M50/L50

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Stages Dash Out Front Mount
The Stages Dash Out Front Mount (L50, M50 & L10) for 31.8mm handlebars is the perfect mount for road, but it also serves cyclocross and XC mountain bike riders well.
The Out-Front mount clamps to the right of the stem and holds the computer in front of the stem and level to the bars. Compatible with all Dash specific via attachment points on underside of mount.

Stages Dash MTB Mount
Stages Over the Stem Mount orients Dash (L50, M50 & L10) over a rider’s stem and accommodates the use of 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars.
Places Dash behind the bar for improved visibility and better protection from mishaps on the trail.

Stages Dash Tri Mount
The Stages Aerobar mount is made to mount Stages Dash (L50, M50 & L10) on the aero extensions of triathlon or time-trial bikes allowing for optimal screen and button placement when in the aerodynamic position.
The Tri-Mount holds the Dash in the center of the aero bars. Fits smaller 22mm bars using the included spacer. Height and angle can be adjusted with the pivot screw. Compatible with all Dash specific accessoires via attachment points on underside of mount.

Stages Dash Integrated Mount
The Stages Dash (L50, M50 & L10) Integrated Mount is designed to work with one-piece handlebar and stem.
2-bolt pattern for integrated integrated handlebars. Dash level to the bars and in front of the bike. Mounting bolts not included.

Stages Dash Top Cap Mount
Attaches Dash (L50, M50 & L10) to steer tube beneath top cap. Great for mountain bikes and setups with minimal handlebar space.
Mounts to the steerer tube by replacing a headset spacer. Angle is independently adjustable via a pivot bolt.

Stages Dash Go Pro Accessory
Mounts Dash (L50, M50 & L10) and accessories using widely-available GoPro connection. Lights! Camera! Action!
This mount sits beneath the Out-Front, Tri and Blendr lower mounts using 3 screws. It has a hand tighten screw for adjusting the angle of the GoPro style mount attachments

Stages Dash Anywhere Mount (Garmin adapter)
The Stages Dash (L50, M50 & L10) Anywhere Mount is the perfect mount for road, cyclocross XC mountain bike riders.
This mount fits anywhere on the bike using 2 O-rings or a special attachment which allows the mount to be inserted in a standard quarter turn mount like a Garmin.

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